7 Top Mobile Apps: Phonetradr’s Staff Picks

Over the last few years, app makers and developers around the world have truly taken a leap into the future. Not only are there millions of apps to choose from at any given time, there’s also an app – literally – for everything. In fact, so much so that it is almost impossible to go about your daily life without delighting in the ingenuity of some far away app developer. There’s even app where friends compete to see how high they can throw their phone up into the air. Yup, that’s a real app called Send Me To Heaven.

Despite some of the crazy apps out there, the Phonetradr team has come together to share their most useful ones. Take a page out of our Notes app to see which apps you should download today.

Do Instagram like a pro with Spark Post

For anyone who enjoys photography. Spark Post is an absolute must. The app allows you to create Instagram posts and stories using high res images, logos, fonts, background colours, and borders.

It also offers templates based on the category your posts will fall into, such as travel, business or food.
Many bloggers and brands with a large focus on quality social media content use Spark Post. Download it for FREE on iOS or Android!

Figure out your internet speed with Speedtest

What’s more frustrating than waiting for the robot to go green in 35 degree heat with no aircon? Waiting for your Wi-Fi to do its job, that’s what. Speedtest has the world’s largest testing server network and no matter where you’re based, you’ll can test your internet speed. You can distinguish your upload and download speed, change to a faster server and look at graphs showing connection consistency.

The app also tracks every test you’ve done with a note on which connection was tested. The app is downloadable for free on the App Store and Google Play or check out their site – their FAQ section is loaded with cool information on why knowing about connection speed and servers in your location is important, especially if you work on your phone or laptop.
Another reason is that you can do actual test to make sure your ISP is giving you the speeds you paying for.

Pocket: Collecting the day’s news into one place for later

In a world where you are constantly bombarded with news, videos, trending memes, articles and more from multiple channels, we think an app that puts your content in one pocket is extra cool. See what we did there? You can save the latest (or old favourites) news, magazine articles, videos, recipes, opinion pieces, TV discussions, how-tos and so much more in one place. If you enjoy setting time aside during lunch or after dinner to catch up on the day’s activity, simply whip out Pocket and it’s all there.

Even better, the app can read articles to you on your way to work, during a gym session or while you lie on the beach! Download it for iOS or Android for freeee!

Avoid traffic stops and more with Waze

Waze is like that badass friend you always wished you had. Why? Because the app alerts you to the whereabouts of police, traffic stops, road closures and hazards as if they’re a double agent playing those sides of the field… okay, we’re getting carried away.

What’s also unique about Waze is that it lets you listen to music while the app operates – you can have Spotify or your favourite podcast playing while you drive.

Be an office whizz with Scanner

iScanner is your new best nerd friend. iScanner accesses your camera to turn documents into PDFs which can be saved, emailed, or sent via Slack or Whatsapp.
The app comes in handy when you need to send proof of identification, your signature to documents, or physical-to-digital invoices. The app offers an ad-free version, however, that requires a small monthly fee.

Download the app for zero moolas on the App Store and Google Play.

Stream with Joox (Because we still can’t close Youtube without the music stopping!)

Joox has been downloaded to people’s smartphones across Asia since 2015, and now the app has come to South Africa! What makes Joox cool is that you can download music to your phone to jam without using up mobile data. Finally!

What’s also cool is that you can customise the design of the app for a look that suits your vibe better and you can also listen to live radio from over 50 stations! It’s available for both iPhones and Android phones, however, a monthly fee of R59,99 is needed.

Get somebody to store your stuff with LightStack

Let’s say you’re moving to a new apartment and no longer like that two-seater couch or the 75 scatter cushions on your bed… Or, your a musician and need to store your drum set somewhere. That’s where LightStack comes in! Using their app, they’ll come collect your belongings and keep them safe. When you need them again they’ll drop them back at your front door. Easy!

What’s cool about these guys is that you can even store individual items like large sporting equipment.

You have three storage options to choose from: The ‘walk-in closet’ option costs R320 per month and offers 1.5m x 1.5m in space. The second option is called ‘pantry’ and costs R650 per month and offers enough space to fit a large 3 seater couch, a TV stand, a filing cabinet, and plenty of room for some more boxes. The third option costs R1,050 per month and is the size of a small garage or 2.5m x 2.7m.
Download their app and get your extra stuff stored!