Nine tech gadgets for your Christmas wish list

The festive season is upon us! For some, that means going on holiday or seeing the best tech gadgets are under the Christmas tree! If you’re still creating your gift wish list or if you know someone who would love something for their smartphone, take a look at the below options…

Light it up with a LuMee phone case

What’s special about LuMee is that the sides of the cover light up to give your selfie the perfect lighting. No more dark and grainy selfies on your night out!

Because LuMee is an American brand, the cases are imported, which means they are a little pricey.

They range from R479 to R1,199 depending on which phone you have. You can purchase a LuMee case on Takealot right here.

Stick it with selfie Popsockets

These little toys have gone viral, from being seen on Expresso TV show to the everyday smartphone user. Using suction, selfie popsockets stick onto the back of your smartphone and allow the user to slide your index and your middle finger around it so that you can take a better selfie. Now, you don’t have to struggle to hold your phone up AND click the little side button. It doubles as a safety gadget so that you don’t drop and damage your phone so easily.

Ranging from R169 to R249, you can buy a popsocket in a range of colours and styles on Superbalist right here.

Three-in-one charger with Calamari 2.0

This gift is less about fun and more about function, however, that doesn’t make it any less cool in our eyes! The Calamari 2.0 three-in-one charger features an Apple MFI-certified lightning connector, a USB type-C and a micro-USB connector for data transfers or charging.

When it comes to handy gadgets, this one takes the cake. You can get it online at Superbalist at a price of R439. Shop it here!

Get lazy with a flexible arm phone holder

Don’t judge us for this one – there’s a reason it’s on the list! If you’re lying in bed at night watching movies or videos or FaceTiming a loved one, the lazy arm phone holder is your new best friend. It simply clips onto the side of your bed and the flexible, adjustable arm holds your phone for you!

You can buy this on for R182.99 right here.

Say goodbye to battery problems with a power bank

Again, power banks are more about function than fun, but if you’re a student, working professional, traveler, tired of load shedding killing your charging session, or simply at your wits end about how quickly your phone dies, then you need a power bank. We’d recommend the Swiss Mobile power bank from Takealot.

It’s powered with a 16 000mAh rechargeable external battery for increased energy efficiency. It can charge your smartphone six times before dying and your tablet four times! Get the Swiss Mobile power bank for R314 right here!

Beats by Dre headphones

Anybody who spends time listening to music should know the legendary rapper and producer, Dr Dre. His headphones, Beats by Dre, are on Christmas wish lists the world over and it’s no different here in South Africa!

You can purchase them at most electronics retailers or on Takealot for R4,499. Take a look!

Get away from load shedding with a portable speaker

When the lights go off, the music goes on. Grab your friends, some beers and this Volkano Bazooka portable speaker. You can get them in a number of sizes and colours, however, this one just looks bad ass.

Get it on Takealot for R499. Remember there are smaller and cheaper ones to suit your budget! Shop now.

Guard your screen with ProtectionPro

ProtectionPro is made by Madico which is cutting-edge protection for your device. It doesn’t chip, scratch, crack or shatter and its self-healing when heat is applied. It can be custom cut to almost anything with a screen (your smartwatch, tablet, smartphone, or laptop) and can be purchased at Vodacom, MTN, HiStore, Huawei stores, Incredible Connection. Check out their site here.

Be smart. Buy a smart watch

2019 is around the corner, which means your health and fitness goals should at the TOP of your resolutions list! A smart watch will not only provide you some of the features your smartphone has but will also track your health and fitness goals. It will also play music for you while you exercise!

You can get a smartwatch from Apple, Samsung and Huawei. The one pictured, however, is from Apple and is on Takealot for R5,489. Browse through their options here.