iOS 15 Best Features Summarised

Another year, another game-changing iOS update! Each time Apple releases a new version of iOS, our eyebrows raise a little higher and higher to the innovation, curation and cutting edge technology. Phonetradr takes a look at some of the best iOS 15 updates that are sure to make your iPhone experience that much more epic.

Top Features of iOS 15

FaceTime SharePlay
Long distance relationships and friendships can be hard, but this new FaceTime feature can bring even the farthest relationships a little closer together. Both of you can watch your favourite movie or series while you’re FaceTiming your bestie!

Video Portrait Mode
This is something every camera lover is going to appreciate! Taking inspiration from the popular Portrait Mode in the Camera app, you can now opt for Video Portrait Mode during FaceTime calls. The focus is put on you with a blurred background effect.

Apple Music & Photo Memories
You know how an old song will come on the radio and it’ll remind you of a certain time, place or person? Well, iOS 15 takes that special experience and applies it to the photos in your Camera Roll. The Memories feature – where certain photos and videos are intuitively grouped by a date or location – has been upgraded with Apple Music! Now you can view and share your memory albums with your favourite songs playing in the background.

Mic Modes
While you’re on the phone, you can change how the person on the other end receives the sound coming from your mic. If you’re in public, surrounded by music or a crowd of people, you can choose between Voice Isolation and Wide Spectrum. The former downplays background noise and prioritises your voice; and the latter brings up the background sound if it is pertinent to the phone call.

Redesigned Notifications
Notifications have been revamped by offering photo icons for contacts; the ability to mute an app or thread temporarily; and a scheduled notifications summary that allows you to send all of your notifications at a specific time.

Safari Tab Bar and Tab Groups
Your experience of using Safari has a fresher, more modern design. The tab bar at the bottom of your screen allows you to swipe left or right on your open tabs. Tab Groups allows you to group your searches into, well, groups. For example, one group could have recipes, another could be news updates, and another could be possible vacation spots. Come back to your group later 

App Privacy Report
iOS15 gives you the power of knowledge. An increase in data leaks (and intentional data sales) over the last few years has prompted Apple and other tech companies to give back the consumer the control of their private information. The App Privacy Report lets you see which apps are using the permissions you’ve given them and which third-party domains they contact. Safari stops trackers from following you from website to website and collecting this info from you to send you adverts.

Think it can’t get any cooler? Here’s iOS 15’s most revolutionary features

Hide My Email
A lot of your online activity requires you to give your personal email address to online platforms. From creating a Facebook account to entering a competition to signing up for a newsletter, your email address is given out a lot. The Hide My Email feature generates a unique email address for you to use so that you don’t have to use your real one. The generated email address forwards the content to your personal inbox.

Live Text in Photos
This is one of the most revolutionary advances in AI technology. Under iOS15, your iPhone can identify words, names, numbers and addresses in photos or screenshots that are sent to you. Your phone can intelligently allow you to use this information to make a phone call, send an email, put the address into Google Maps or highlight text in the photo. WOW!

Live Text in Camera
Similarly, you can use the Live Text feature on your Camera app. Simply open your camera, point it at an object with text on it and take action!