Update your iPhone to iOS 13.1.3 to fix missed calls and other bugs

Your iPhone has an update and it’s got some major bug fixes!

If you’ve been getting missed calls, it’s because a bug from iOS 13.1.2 caused phone calls to skip the ringing step and go straight to voice mail. Well, iOS 13.1.3 is out which has fixed this issue and a few more…

– Bluetooth connectivity issues in some vehicles is no longer a problem. Connections for Bluetooth hearing aids and headsets have also improved.

– App launches for games in the Games Center have improved efficiency.

– If you weren’t receiving notifications on Apple Watch, this issue is resolved. Pairing issues with your Apple Watch have also been fixed.

– A bug where apps failed to download after iCloud backup has been fixed. The same goes for voice memos that did not download after iCloud backup.

– Finally, no more missing important meeting invites via the Mail app! The bug that caused this is fixed.

One thing Apple hasn’t fixed in the new update is battery efficiency – you’re still going to feel like your battery is draining faster than it should.

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