What is the orange dot on the new iOS update?

The orange and green DOT on the new OS explained:

Is your iPhone spying on you? We have the answers:

We decided to dig in and uncover the mystery of the orange and green dots
What do these little dots popping up mean? Is it signal strength related?

Well, drumroll! It’s a new, rather exciting, privacy feature and its purpose is to let you know when an app is using your mic or camera/video – no more worrying if we’re being watched and listened to, now we know celebration emoji We think it’s a genius feature for all of us that have had those chats with someone and then a few days later we get ads related to discussions we have had that lead us to believe with certainty that our phones or some app is spying on us. You know exactly what we’re talking about!

Well, Apple is the first here to take a more transparent, and very open, stance with this update by giving us a clear indication when the phone’s mic or cameras are in use, giving us the awareness we have been dying for!

So, next time you’re on a call you will see an orange dot to show you your mic is been used for either a WhatsApp call or whatever app you use to call from and the same goes for a video call, or just if you recording a video: there will be a green dot to indicate the phone is recording video. Pretty cool!

Now, the best case to truly experience this feature shine is when you’re just casually using your phone, and all of a sudden the orange or green indicator appears! Then you know there is an App busy using your phone’s mic or camera, then you can check and see exactly what app it is. remove it or report it to apple but 10-1 you will never see this as Apple is monitoring all the Apps before they’re allowed on the App Store, but I’m sure a few will get through the cracks, and this way you get to see what app is using your phone’s mic and camera without your consent. We will have to wait and see!

We think this is a really great user-centric feature from Apple and this should give us all a bit more peace-of-mind knowing if our phones are spying on us or not. Now we have an easy way to know when we’re being listened to, and by what app and we can decide if we accept this or not…

Thanks, Apple, for taking a lead in the industry and putting the consumer’s privacy first, giving us more control over the Apps we think are simply… just another App on our phone!

Let us know what you think about these new features and when last your conversation was listened to and what Ads popped up soon after.