Battery-saving tips for your Android phone

Having the latest Android phone is cool and all, but what’s the use of it if your battery is always running low or dead? Fear not. There are many ways to help save on battery juice – some well known, and some not so much. We’ve found some not-so-well-known tips that we think will make all the difference in maintaining your Android’s battery life.

Limit your location settings

Imagine every single app on your phone accessing your location and using it to provide information to you or the app makers – exhausting, right? Well, it’s exhausting for your battery too. Unless you are actively using your Google Maps app while travelling somewhere, you shouldn’t need all of your apps to be able to access and use your location. Android has three modes in your battery settings that can either optimise location services or limit them so that your battery and data doesn’t get drained so easily. High Accuracy Mode and Battery-Saving Mode uses WiFi and Bluetooth to access your location, however, Device Mode, only uses your phones GPS system to locate your device.

To enable Device Mode on Android Oreo, you need to:
– Go to your Settings app
– Tap Security & Location
– Select Location
– Toggle on Device Mode

To enable Device Mode on Android Pie, you need to:
– Go to your Settings app
– Tap Security & Location
– Select Location
– Choose Advanced, then Scanning
– Toggle OFF WiFi Scanning and Bluetooth Scanning

Darken your display theme

When selecting the theme for your display, you can choose between dark and light themes. If you have an OLED display, which Android phones do have, the display is able to disable individual pixels and backgrounds with darker colours, even deep black colours, can help preserve your battery.

How to change your display theme to a darker colour:
– Visit Settings
– Select Homescreen
– Select Theme
– Scroll through to see which dark theme you would like
– Tap it to apply

If you don’t like any of the themes your Android has to offer, the Google Play store offers free apps that have dark themes. Here’s a cool article showing 14 dark themes for your Android via Make Use Of.

Switch off automatic WiFi

With the new Android Oreo update, your smartphone may continue to search for WiFi networks even if WiFi has been manually turned off. For your battery, this means any time you go somewhere – the mall, a friend’s house, a restaurant or a business meeting, your phone is still searching. Needless to say, your battery takes a knock when your device is constantly searching.

How to turn off automatic WiFi on Android:
– Go to Settings
– Visit Network & Internet
– Tap WiFi
– Under WiFi preferences, toggle OFF the “Turn on WiFi automatically” option

Stop apps from running in the background

Even once you’ve exited an app, many of them still continue to run and update. Imagine running on a treadmill that never seems to stop or end? That’s what it is like for your battery when your apps continue going even if you’ve exited them. Android has a nifty app-specific battery tool that will help with this. 

How to stop apps from running in the background:
– Visit your Settings
– Tap Apps & Notifications
– Select Advanced
– Select Battery
– Turn on Background restriction

Disable Google Assistant

For those not in the know, your Android gives you your very own assistant. However, she/he can be a little draining for your phone’s energy. When Google Assistant is on, it is constantly listening for the wake command and uses your location to give you context when you ask a question. If you are not reliant on Google Assistant in any way, it would help your battery to turn it off.

How to turn off Google Assistant:
– Go into the Google app
– Select More
– Tap Settings
– Select Google Assistant, then Settings again
– Tap Assistant again, then scroll to find your phone’s name
– Turn off Google Assistant


Cut back on notifications

Nowadays, there’s an app for everything and a notification for everything. The more apps you have, the more notifications you’ll get – especially if you have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, photo editing apps, communication apps for work… the list is endless. And each time you receive a little ‘ping’, it drains your battery just that much more.

Here’s how to limit your notifications:
– Go into your Settings
– Select Apps & Notifications
– Under “Recently Sent”, you can see a list of apps that recently sent you notifications
– Scroll down the list and turn off, individually, which apps you want no notifications for
– We suggest turning off all notifications for social media apps, especially if you are frequently on them anyways

None of these tips working? Well, like we said earlier, there’s an app for that. The Play Store has some cool apps that help you save on battery life. Greenify and AccuBattery are two well-known apps proven to do exactly what they say they’ll do.

AccuBattery: Your battery and phone usage is measured and monitored over a period of time. After that, the app gives you stats on how much battery you have left based on various intensities of usage. For example, you will have a lot less battery left if you continue to scroll on social media or watch videos versus sending a few texts.
Greenify: This app is really smart. If forces apps you don’t use often to hibernate. This not only helps maintain your battery but also cuts down on data usage.

Both AccuBattery and Greenify are on the Google Play Store for free!