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It’s been described as the best camera in the game. Who doesn’t want the best?

Three-In-One Main Camera

The era of the dual camera is no longer - because now there’s three. The main camera includes a ultra-wide 16-megapixel sensor, a 12-megapixel wide-angle shooter and a 12-megapixel telephoto lens. Simply point and shoot - becoming a professional photographer has never been easier!

Front-Facing Camera

The Note 10’s front-facing camera is a game-changer for selfies. It’s a whopping 10 megapixels, with an 80-degree field of view. A bigger field of view means more space in your photos for your friends!

Super Steady

This feature is geared towards making your video content as still as ever, even if you’re running and filming. Optical image stabilisation on steroids!

Zoom-In Mic

This feature is really cool. Now, you can tap certain areas of your video to make it louder. If somebody made a funny joke in your video, now you can vocalise it louder than the sound in the background.

Live Focus

You can now create a more cinematic effect with your videos with Live Focus. You can add effects like bokeh, which blurs the background or foreground, depending on what you want. You can also add pops of colour!

Smart Auto-Focus

Your camera is arguably smarter than you. Just kidding! When holding up your camera to shoot, it detects the subject automatically. No need to tap the screen or move closer to focus on your subject.

Video Editor

The Note 10 has a built-in video editor so that you can put together home videos, birthday tributes, news clips or a digital yearbook. Pretty much anything you want!

Optical Zoom

It also has an optical zoom which works the same way as a zoom lens on a traditional camera. Optical zoom does a better job than digital zoom at taking photos from far away or in dull lighting as it does not degrade image quality when used.

4K Video

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 offers 4K video. Your content is smooth, sharp and clearer than any other smartphone that offers anything less than 4K.
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