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108 megapixels, three lenses, up to 100x zoom. That’s alotta camera.

Triple-Lens Main Camera

The Galaxy S20 Ultra’s camera is a three-in-one masterpiece. Three lenses means more detail, colour and depth in each shot. The triple-lens system includes a 108MP wide-angle camera with f/1.8 aperture, a 48MP telephoto camera with f/3.5 aperture, and a 12MP ultra-wide camera with f/2.2 aperture.

48MP Telephoto Lens

Can you imagine a 48-megapixel telephoto lens camera in a smartphone? We’re just starting to. The high-resolution camera captures a wider photo than a normal camera, as well as precise detail, even when you zoom in and crop.

40MP Selfie Camera

There’s never been a larger lens for your selfies! Capture clearer selfies with the front-facing camera that’s now 40-megapixels strong!

10x Hybrid Optic Zoom

Hybrid Zoom is a new feature that combines both digital and optical zoom. When you zoom in past 10x optical zoom, it becomes a digital zoom. This is where Hybrid Optic Zoom comes in and utilises AI technology to improve digital zoom. It rebuilds detail in a photo that’s usually lost in a zoomed-in photo by using the phone’s other cameras to create new pixels to improve photo quality.

100x Super Resolution Zoom

The Super Resolution Zoom adds 30x to digital zooming. Using some seriously smart algorithms to process the image, it uses multiple shots to make up the detail of your photo for improved digital zoom quality.

Night Mode

The Galaxy S20 Ultra’s image sensor is larger than the S10, meaning your night photos are only going to get better as that girl’s night goes on! In Night Mode, the camera takes multiple photos at once and combines the brightest and lightest parts of all the shots to present the best one.

Single Take

Think you’re just taking a photo of a split-second moment? Think again. The Single Take feature captures 10 seconds of a moment before you press the shutter button. After you’ve taken the photo, look through each frame over the 10 seconds to choose the best moment for that Instagram pic!

Quick Share

Share photos, videos, files and more with up to 5 friends instantly that are close by. No need to pair with them - simply activate Quick Share in your settings and send!

Pro Mode

Just like an old school camera, Pro Mode allows you to manually edit the ISO, shutter speed, exposure and other features. This feature combines the best of both smartphone and analogue photography

Photo and Video Bokeh

Finally! Your videos can now have the same bokeh effect than your photos. Don’t know what bokeh is? It’s that awesome feature that puts the subject in focus and blurs the background to highlight the subject’s features.

8K Video

Think movie-level quality in your smartphone’s camera. 8K video is the best quality video you’ll find in any smartphone  camera, allowing you to shoot incredibly clear, professional and vibrantly coloured content for your Instagram or that film studies project. You can also take up to 33-megapixel photo screen grabs of your videos!

Super Steady

This feature uses AI technology to smoothen and stabilise your video content, especially if there is a lot of movement in your video. Your videos come out less jumpy and blurry than before.

HyperFast 5G

Ultra-fast internet connectivity means smoother, more seamless streaming, chatting, FaceTiming and sending!
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