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The Samsung S9 camera is pretty cool. Let’s see what you get...

12MP Rear Camera

The 12-megapixel camera has two aperture options for various lighting scenarios, with a f1.5 - f2.4 lens. This means that the lens allows more light into the camera, producing brighter photos with more clarity and definition.

Selfie Camera

The front-facing camera has an 8-megapixel camera for all of your self-loving moments!

Smart Auto-Focus

The selfie camera makes use of Smart Auto Focus which detects the faces in the selfie and puts them into focus.

Dual Pixel

The camera has Dual Pixels, a feature that lets your camera focus quicker than you would with your own eyes, giving you fast and seamless auto focus.

Pro Mode

The camera gives you more control over your photos. You can switch to Pro Mode which lets you alter ISO, shutter speed, exposure value, colour tone, manual focus and white balance.

Saving in RAW

For all of the professional photographers out there, this one’s a biggie. Pro Mode means you can save a photo as a RAW file. A RAW file has 10x more data than a JPEG file, which gives you more control in the editing process.

Optical Zoom

It also has an optical zoom which works the same way as a zoom lens on a traditional camera. Optical zoom does a better job than digital zoom at taking photos from far away or in dull lighting as it does not degrade image quality when used.

4K Video

The Samsung S9 offers 4K video. Your content is smooth, sharp and clearer than any other smartphone that offers anything less than 4K.


Hyperlapse lets you record a video in a sped-up fashion. You can change the speed of hyper-lapse too, either increasing or decreasing the frames per second.


Condense an entire day into a few seconds. See how the clouds move throughout an entire day in just a few seconds! Set up your camera otudoors, tap the shutter, and prepare to be amazed.

Slow motion

Slow motion is also included, which allows you to catch every detail of that action shot. Slow things right down to 960fps.

Optical image stabilisation

This feature smoothens your video out by removing that “shaky hands” look. Now you can take better action shots for that soccer game!
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