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Apple iPhone 8

The Apple iPhone 8 scores 4.5 out of 5 from over 10708 reviews
10708 reviews

The iPhone 8 was released in September 2017. Its main features include a aerospace-grade aluminum design with a durable glass back, a new 12MP dual camera for better photos, a big and colorful 4.7” Retina HD display, a faster and smarter A11 Bionic chip for better performance and battery life and supports wireless charging and is water and dust resistant.

Apple iPhone 8 imageApple iPhone 8 imageApple iPhone 8 imageApple iPhone 8 imageApple iPhone 8 image

Some cool facts about the 8:

  • The iPhone 8 was released in September 2017.
  • A used iPhone 8’s price averages around R6000 - R8,000. A new one averages around R12,000, making a used model 40-50% cheaper.
  • It has a good resale value depending on its condition, it’s able to maintain 60% of its value if its sold within a year to two years


Better Photos, Clearer Video. This is what you get...

The new 12-megapixel dual camera adds that much more detail and clarity to your photos with two lenses: A wide-angle lens to capture better landscapes, cities and streets and a new telephoto lens for stunning portraits and better zoom for distant subjects such as wildlife or sports. All of this adds up to memories that are brighter in colour and a more realistic representation of colour in life.

7MP Selfie Camera

The iPhone 8 has a 7-megapixels front-facing camera also known as a selfie camera.The camera also has a flash - something older iPhone models did not have.

Portrait Mode

Portrait mode  gives your photos more depth and subjects more focus, giving you much more professional looking photos. You also get various lighting effects such as natural lighting, studio lighting, contour lighting and stage lighting.

Time Lapse

The time lapse feature lets you record a period of time in a sped-up fashion. For example. Record a whole day into a few seconds by perching your iPhone on a tripod on your rooftop. You can choose how many frames per second you want, allowing you to control the speed of the time lapse.

Slow Motion

Capture those often fast, unseen moments with the slow motion feature. You can shoot up to 240 frames per second, so now you can slow-mo that video of you popping a water balloon, doing a move on your skateboard or surprising a friend for her birthday.

Optical Zoom

The camera also gives you 2x optical zoom which works the same way as a zoom lens on a traditional or DSLR camera. Optical zoom is much better than digital zoom at taking photos from far away as it does not degrade image quality. The model also includes a 10x digital zoom.


Record video up to 4K. The main benefit of 4K video is you get much smoother,  sharper and clearer video that’s just beautiful to look at. The iPhone 8 also gives you extra features like time lapse which condenses an entire day into a few seconds, slow motion to catch every detail of that action shot and optical image stabilisation that removes that “shaky hands” look.

Augmented Reality and your Camera

One of the biggest features is Augmented Reality (AR). At its essence, AR is digital information overlaid with the real world using your camera. The best way to understand how it works is through the new Measure app: You hold your phone up to an object or area and use a virtual tape measure to give you the length and height of it. Both cameras on the iPhone 8, are individually calibrated with new gyroscopes and accelerometers to accurately track motion. For example, you can have a video chat with an animated face over your real face and as you blink your eyes, your animated face also blinks. It’s the same with mouth and tongue movements.  At a restaurant and need help choosing a bottle of wine from the menu? Via the Vivino app, Hold your camera up to the wine list and it will give you ratings on each wine! AR games like the global phenomenon Pokemon Go create new and exciting worlds via your camera.


Your night shots are about to get LIT. The 8 Plus has Quad-LED True Tone with a Slow Sync flash, giving your photos well-lit backgrounds and foregrounds. The  front-facing camera also has a flash for great selfies!


Just tap the part of the photo you want in focus and the camera will automatically bring focus to that part on the screen, allowing you to quickly capture moments more accurately.

Screen and Display

  • The iPhone 8 features a 1334x750 pixel resolution HD screen.
  • The screen makes use of True Tone, which automatically adjusts and matches the surrounding light and color balance for a more natural viewing experience.
  • The screen has fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating so a simple rub against your shirt will remove the day’s finger marks.
  • The screen has 326 pixels-per-inch (ppi) density, which means more clarity and detail on your screen.
  • 3D Touch is integrated, which is a pressure-sensitive feature that can pick up three different kinds of pressure applied by your fingers for various tasks. The device responds differently according to each degree of pressure.
  • It has wide colour display, which means you more colour for your photos and videos. This leads to better colour reproduction than any other iPhone that came before it.
  • The screen is made of Gorilla Glass and includes a 50% deeper strengthening layer compared to previous models and a new steel substructure giving you one of the most durable screens in a smartphone.
  • It has dual-domain pixels giving you a better viewing experience from different angles. Look at your from phone from an angle on your desk and you will be able to read what’s on the screen much clearer.


How does the battery perform? Let’s look at the numbers…
  • Battery capacity of 1821 mAh
  • Wireless talk time: Up to 14 hours
  • Internet use up to 12 hours
  • Video playback: Up to 13 hours
  • Audio playback: Up to 40 hours
  • Capable of charging the battery up to 50% in 30 minutes with an 18W charger
  • Wireless charging possible with Qi chargers
  • USB Charging


  • The iPhone 8 weighs 148 grams
  • It's height is 13.8 cm
  • It's length is 6.7 cm
  • It's width is 0.73 cm

Chip Set

We like chips - The iPhone 8 A11 Chip, that is.

This phone is fast. Like, really fast, and it’s all due to the A11 Bionic chip present in the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. The chip takes performance and speed to new heights, with apps launching 40% faster than before. The keyboard display is also faster - up to 50% faster.

The chip has six cores - four for high efficiency and two for high performance. This means that the A11 promises 25% faster cores for performance and 70% faster efficiency cores than the A10. Because there’s such an improvement in efficiency, less battery life is used per action or activity.
The chip also has the Neural Engine, a small piece of silicon attached to the chip that process 600 billion operations at one time and also holds the memory for facial ID and a person’s predictive text.

iPhone 8 Benchmark Test

The iPhone 8 was tested for its durability in real-life situations such as being dropped from a pocket onto a tar road, being sat on or having excess pressure applied to the screen.
The screen on the iPhone 8 Plus is strong and able to survive falls from your bag or pocket onto concrete. In 50% of the cases, the phone’s screen cracked and the other 50% saw the phone’s screen holding strong. Depending on which angle the phone hit the surface, the back glass cracked in 70% of the drops which could have been saved with a good phone cover. The frame held up very well and does not bend easily when being sat on. Overall, we give the iPhone 8 Plus a 7/10 durability score.



1334x750-pixel resolution Super Retina HD Display
401 ppi (pixels per pinch)
LED-backlit IPS LCD
Capacitive touchscreen
16M colors
4.7-inch (diagonal) widescreen LCD Multi-Touch display with IPS technology
1400:1 contrast ratio
True Tone display
Wide colour display
3D Touch
625 cd/m2 max brightness
Dual-domain pixels for wide viewing angles
Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating
Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously
Display Zoom


Originally iOS 11, latest iOS 12,which includes new features
Faster performance
Screen Time to track time spent on your phone
Grouped Notifications for Multiple Messages
Memoji: Custom emojis that look like you
Group FaceTime
Sharing suggestions in Photos app based on who’s in the photo
A rebuilt stocks app
Apple News
A Shortcuts App that strings together multiple actions in one go through Siri
Activate “Do Not Disturb” to stop all notifications


Bluetooth 5.0
WiFi 802.11 a, b, g, n, ac, ax, dual-band
USB 3.1
Location - GPS, A-GPS, Cell ID, WiFi positioning

Primary Camera

12-megapixel dual camera
Wide-angle: ƒ/1.8 aperture
Telephoto: ƒ/2.8 aperture
2x optical zoom; digital zoom up to 10x
Optical image stabilisation
Six-element lens
Quad-LED True Tone flash with slow sync
Panorama (up to 63MP)
Sapphire crystal lens cover
Backside illumination sensor
Hybrid IR filter
Auto-focus with Focus Pixels
Tap-to-focus with Focus Pixels
Live Photos with stabilisation
Wide colour capture for photos and Live Photos
Improved local tone mapping
Exposure control
Auto HDR for photos
Auto image stabilisation
Burst mode
Timer mode
Photo geotagging
Image formats captured: HEIF and JPEG
Edit raw images on your iPhone
Import photos and videos from a traditional camera

Camera Effects

Portrait mode
Portrait lighting
New filters
Editing tools


A11 Bionic Processor with 2.39 GHz hexa-core 64-bit


Talk time (wireless): Up to 14 hours
Internet use: Up to 12 hours
Video playback (wireless): Up to 13 hours
Audio playback (wireless): Up to 40 hours
Fast-charge capable: Up to  50% charge in 30 minutes with 18W adapter or higher (available separately)


Weight: 148 grams
Height: 13.8 cm
Length: 6.7 cm
Width: 0.73 cm

Sim Type

Nano SIM

Chip set

Apple A11 Bionic
Neural Engine

Secondary Camera

7MP camera
1080p HD video recording
Retina Flash
ƒ/2.2 aperture
Wide colour capture for photos and Live Photos
Auto HDR for photos
Backside illumination sensor
Auto image stabilisation
Burst mode
Exposure control
Timer mode


4K video recording at 24 fps, 30 fps or 60 fps
1080p HD video recording at 30 fps or 60 fps
720p HD video recording at 30 fps
Optical image stabilisation for video
Quad-LED True Tone flash
Slo-mo video support for 1080p at 120 fps and 240 fps
Time-lapse video with stabilisation
Cinematic video stabilisation (1080p and 720p)
Continuous auto-focus video
Take 8MP still photos while recording 4K video
Playback zoom
Video geotagging



 Accessibility Features for the iPhone 8

These features help people with disabilities make full use of their iPhone 8

Speak Screen

Speak Screen reads anything that’s being displayed on your phone.

Assistive Touch

Assistive Touch helps users who have difficulty pressing buttons, applying 3D Touch and pinch-to-zoom on an iPhone or iPad. The feature provides an onscreen button which can be tapped instead of having to physically press it on the side.

Closed Captions

Closed captions were created for users who are deaf or hard of hearing. Closed captions are also known as subtitles for video or audio material.

Switch Control

Switch Control is for users who have very little mobility and allows them to control their iPhone or iPad using moves as small as a blowing, blinking or clicking a button. Other devices such as a joystick can work with Switch Control.

Voice Over

This feature allows users to type a message on their screen and have the iPhone read the text out aloud.

Type to Siri

Type to Siri is useful for people unable to speak. One can type a query to Siri instead of saying it.


The dictation feature allows a user to verbally relay a message while the iPhone types it out. This may be helpful for users who have impairments with their hands or fingers.


Real-time text (RTT) allows users with hearing impairments to type and send a conversational text while on the phone


Zoom allows users to magnify their screen making text and the overall appearance larger and easier to read. One can magnify the screen up to 15 times its original size.

iOS Features

Created by Apple Inc in 2007 specifically for touchscreen devices, iOS has earned the title of the most robust and advanced operating system on the market. iOS has maintained exclusivity for its users as it is only available for Apple’s mobile devices. Since inception, it’s undergone 12 major updates and is currently on version 12.2. iOS is so much more than an operating system - it’s part of the way you live your digital life. Let's see what iOS offers you...

App Store
The App Store allows iPhone and iPad users to browse and download apps to their device. From games to fitness to music to photo editing to load shedding schedules, the App Store offers millions of fun, helpful and informative apps for your everyday life.

Apple iCloud is a storage service that comes free for anyone with an iPhone, iPad or Mac to store, save and sync your data and settings across all of your Apple devices. You can also save and sync photos, videos, music, documents and more.  Up to 5GB is free and you can pay a monthly fee if you want more storage space.

Find My iPhone
Find My iPhone is a location-tracking service for all Apple devices, including Macs. If your device has been stolen or lost, you can pinpoint the exact location of your phone via Find My iPhone. Just use another computer or a friend’s iPhone to locate your phone by logging into iCloud and selecting “Find My iPhone”. The app must be activated in your settings for it to locate your device.
Siri is like a knowledgeable, witty friend in your pocket. Siri can answer questions, make recommendations to restaurants and action tasks like playing your favorite playlist just by saying, “Hey Siri.” 

iOS is taking texting to a new level. You can animate your conversations with sounds like ‘slam’, ‘loud’ or ‘gentle’ as well as full screen effects like balloons.

iOS can store thousands of your memories and allows you to categorise into albums. Your phone is also able to pick up if multiple photos were taken on a particular day as well as places, grouping them into an album. The same goes for photos and videos sent via WhatsApp and content posted on Instagram. Live Photos transforms still photos into moving images by filming a few seconds of video before you take your photo. The photos app is also capable of facial recognition, so if you have multiple photos of the same person, the app will offer an album suggestion for them.

iMovie is a video editing app created by Apple for iPhones and iPads. You can create and edit high-definition videos straight from your phone! The app allows you to share your videos straight to Youtube, MMS or email.

3D Touch
3D Touch uses capacitive sensors incorporated into the smartphone's display to sense three degrees of pressure in a user's touch and responds according to the amount of pressure used.

Record Your Screen
You can now record the process of something done on your iPhone or iPad. For example, you can record how to take and edit photos, record how to upload an Instagram story, send an email - the list is endless. 

Drag and Drop
Drag and Drop allows text, links, photos, files, and more to be transferred from one app to another without needing to use in-app share sheets.Tap and hold the file, then drag it. Using another finger, access another app to drop the file into.

Do Not Disturb While Driving
This feature is dedicated to decreasing distractions while driving. Once activated, your device mutes all incoming notifications when its connected to the car’s Bluetooth or WiFi, except for emergency texts. The feature also responds to incoming messages with a short notification that you are in the car and unable to answer the phone.

QR Code Scanner
Point the camera at a QR code and it will automatically detect it and give you the option to open it. Use it to register for things or pay your restaurant bill via Snap Scan.

QuickType One-Handed Keyboard
You can select a one-handed keyboard if your other hand is occupied and unable to type. You can choose the keyboard to shift all of the keys to the left or right side. You can even simply use your thumb using the QuickType feature.

Apple Wallet
Apple Wallet safely and easily stores your coupons, boarding passes, student ID cards, event tickets, movie tickets and store card, credit cards and debit cards.

Control Centre
Control Centre is a collection of the most important and frequently used functions and settings such as WiFi, calculator, screen brightness or sound consolidated into one place. Easily accessed by swiping up from the bottom of your screen, Control Centre helps you do things quickly without having to unlock your phone.

Emergency SOS
You can alert the police or an emergency contact by pressing the sleep button five times. 

Apple Maps
Traveling in a new city? Going away for the weekend? iOS gives you Maps for free! Type in your end address and simply follow the route. You can also save specific locations such as ‘home’, ‘work’ and ‘second home’.

Lock Screen Notifications
The Lock Screen shows you the time and date as well as any notifications for messages without you having to unlock your phone. You can see older notifications by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Automatic Setup
When buying a device operating on iOS, it is easy and quick to set it up. Automatic Setup transfers all of your personal settings, preferences and iCloud Keychain passwords to your new device just by holding your new and used devices close together.

Use the Notes app to take meeting minutes, jot down your thoughts, save shopping lists, links to articles and so much more. It’s a notepad in your phone!

It may not be safe to read a book while driving to work, but now you don’t have to. The Podcasts app in iOS offers thousands of fun, informative and stimulating shows to listen to in a variety of genres while you’re driving, exercising or lying on the beach. Subscribe to your favourite shows and get notifications when new episodes are up!

The health app gathers data from your iPhone, Apple Watch and other apps that you use so that you can view your progress in one place. The app tracks sleep, activity, nutrition, your walking steps, running distances and other factors. The information collected can also be kept private with a password in the case of snooping friends or family members!

Listen to your favourite music, watch the best TV shows and movies straight from your iPhone via iTunes. iTunes lets you create playlists choosing from 50 million based on your mood, location or time of year - it’s perfectly curated to you.

iOS also comes with…

Voice Memos
Safari web browser
Apple Mail

iOS 12

New iOS 12 features change the game on what a phone can do for you

Improved performance

With iOS 12, everything is faster! Simply opening an app is now 40% percent faster, even when you’re jumping between multiple apps at on time. Using multiple apps at the same time is twice as fast as it was in iOS 11!

Speed and performance also extends to opening the camera app from the lock screen so that you can take that all-important selfie even faster - 70% faster, that is. The keyboard is now faster than ever with a 50% improvement in speed when appearing on the screen. Typing is now more responsive too.

Swiping while multitasking, scrolling through an app and selecting the Share sheet are all actions that are faster and smoother too. The Share sheet appears 2x faster than in iOS 11, even if there are many sharing options loaded. Everyday, you will receive a short and easy-to-understand report showing you how many hours you have physically looked at your phone and which apps take up your time.

Knowing just how much time you spend on your phone doesn’t have to send you on a guilt trip. With Screen Time, you can set time limits on how much time you or your kids spend on a particular app. If your kids have their own smartphones, set up your family’s Apple IDs to their phones and if would like more time for a particular app, they can request it from you to approve.

Do your kids have smartphones? Or are you actively trying to spend less time looking at your phone? Apple is catering to these needs with Screen Time. This is a new feature dedicated to showing you how much time you spend on websites and apps, including social media and instant messaging.

Downtime is a cool feature within Screen Time. You can set a bedtime for your apps and notifications so that you won’t be bothered by anyone or anything!


iOS 12 has even improved the notifications experience. One of the new features includes Grouped Notifications: When the family group chat is going crazy, your iPhone now groups them in a neatly formatted grouping on your home screen.

With Instant Tuning, iOS has also catered for vital notifications such as a doctor’s report as well as notifications that don’t need any sound at all. For example, in the notification settings, if you’re toggled to receive notifications for Instagram comments on your posts, you can choose to have these delivered silently. Vital notifications will still be sent to you even if your phone is in Do Not Disturb mode.

In a rush? Reply with a simple emoji. Tapbacks allow you to reply to a message via your homescreen by simply touching and holding the notification. Emoji options may be a heart, a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

Memojis and Animojis
Emojis that look like you! You can create an emoji based on your facial features as well as the ability to customise. The newer, longer animojis allow you to record up to 30 seconds as a T-rex, a ghost, a koala and a tiger.

Chat with up to 32 people at one time! You can add text on your screen, use your memoji or animoji while you chat and add interesting filters.With focus view, you can tap the person who’s talking to make them the central figure of the chat. You can also add people to the chat or join at any time!

Photos App
The Photos app in iOS 12 can pick up when you have taken multiple photos in one location with multiple people. The app will create an album as well as offer sharing suggestions to send to the people you were with. You can now search through photos using keywords like “holiday” or “surf”.

Stocks App
Keep your finger on the pulse of the stock market. The new Stocks app lets you choose which stocks you’d like to watch at a glance. If you’d like to get more detail, simply select any ticker to view price changes and charts.

Short cuts
When you download the app, you will see that it has already given possible shortcuts you’d often use such as “heading to work”. In this shortcut, you can populate it with a number of steps: Entering the route to your offices, checking the traffic and adding a playlist or audio book. Tap “Done” and then “Add to Siri”. From now on, you can say: “Hey Siri, heading to work,” and the app will implement all those actions for you.

Shortcuts also connects to third-party apps such as a travel planner app like TripIt. You can pull up your travel plans by simply saying “Hey Siri, travel plans.”

Privacy and Security
iOS 12 has advanced tracking prevention which stops websites, share buttons and comment widgets from tracking you without your permission in Safari. Safari also stops brands from collecting data from your iPhone’s settings so that you can be targeted with ads. iOS 12 can also create and safely store strong passwords for you which are stored in the iCloud Keychain. You can also sign into your Apple ID using your fingerprint instead of remembering a log in.

Augmented Reality

iOS 12 has taken augmented reality to the next level. The Measure app can now recognise objects in 3D. Your phone will recognise objects and orient itself to them. As you walk around your room or office, the Measure app will pick up and measure each object. If you turn your phone horizontally, it will activate its Level feature. You will be told how many degrees off-centre you are. These features can be used to incorporate objects into AR experiences.

Face tracking which can see where you are looking and can pick up if you are winking or sticking your tongue out. Scene reflection is another innovative feature in AR. Using your camera app, you can enable virtual objects to reflect life-like scenes that you see through your camera.

Content creators of AR will also be happy to know that the new 3D USDZ file format (like a PNG for 3D) will help content creators design animations and other forms of content for mobile devices. Sharing AR experiences is easier too. You can share it to someone in a different time zone and/or a different location.


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