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Accessibility Features for the iPhone 8 Plus

These features help people with disabilities make full use of their iPhone 8 Plus


This feature allows users to type a message on their screen and have the iPhone read the text out aloud.


Zoom allows users to magnify their screen making text and the overall appearance larger and easier to read. One can magnify the screen up to 15 times its original size.


Real-time text (RTT) allows users with hearing impairments to type and send a conversational text while on the phone


The dictation feature allows a user to verbally relay a message while the iPhone types it out. This may be helpful for users who have impairments with their hands or fingers.

Type to Siri

Type to Siri is useful for people unable to speak. One can type a query to Siri instead of saying it.

Closed Captions

Closed captions were created for users who are deaf or hard of hearing. Closed captions are also known as subtitles for video or audio material.

Switch Control

Switch Control is for users who have very little mobility and allows them to control their iPhone or iPad using moves as small as a blowing, blinking or clicking a button. Other devices such as a joystick can work with Switch Control.

Assistive Touch

Assistive Touch helps users who have difficulty pressing buttons, applying 3D Touch and pinch-to-zoom on an iPhone or iPad. The feature provides an onscreen button which can be tapped instead of having to physically press it on the side.

Speak Screen

Speak Screen reads anything that’s being displayed on your phone.

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