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Screen and Display

  • The iPhone 8 Plus features a 1080x1920 pixel resolution HD screen
  • The 8 Plus’ screen makes use of True Tone, which automatically adjusts and matches the surrounding light and color balance for a more natural viewing experience
  • The screen has fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating so a simple rub against your shirt will remove the day’s finger marks
  • The iPhone 8 Plus’ screen has 326 pixels-per-inch (ppi) density, which means more clarity and detail on your screen
  • 3D Touch is integrated, which is a pressure-sensitive feature that can pick up three different kinds of pressure applied by your fingers for various tasks. The device responds differently according to each degree of pressure.
  • The iPhone 8 Plus has wide colour display, which means you more colour for your photos and videos. This leads to better colour reproduction than any other iPhone that came before it
  • The screen is made of Gorilla Glass and includes a 50% deeper strengthening layer compared to previous models and a new steel substructure giving you one of the most durable screens in a smartphone.
  • The iPhone 8 Plus has dual-domain pixels giving you a better viewing experience from different angles. Look at your from phone from an angle on your desk and you will be able to read what’s on the screen much clearer
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