How to hide photos on iPhone

We all have those funny memes we like to keep around but don't need the inappropriate meme bomb while showing your in-laws the photos of your recent holiday. Hiding your photos or meme is a great option to help keep your camera roll PG friendly, however remember they are not protected from snooping and can be accessed very easily in your album menu.

Tap on your photos menu

image of iphone home screen icons

Find the photo you would like to hide and tap on the share icon in the bottom left hand corner.

image of iphone share option

Scroll down until you find the "hide" option.

image of iphone photos menu

Select "Hide photo"

image of iphone hide option

If you would like to access your hidden photos, select your albums menu at the Botton of your camera roll.

image of iphone photo album

Scroll down until you find Hidden menu under Utilities.

image of iphone albums menu

This will show you all the hidden photos in your "hidden album".

image of iphone hidden folder

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